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Beta Update coming next Monday!

Hey all,

Our first week of beta has been amazing. We’re all super proud of how our community has come together, proving both positive and super constructive for the game. You’re all freaking awesome.

Coming next Monday will be a big patch, addressing a number of the bugs you guys have found AND introducing the Mac version of the beta. We tried to get it done today, but there were enough issues found with the basic game that we felt it wise to fix those before launching the Mac version.

So expect a big patch Monday, complete with patch notes. And Mac users will be getting in on the action!

Thank you all so much, and we look forward to your continued contributions. The final game will be much better for it.

Ryan (and the team at Airship)


Awesome can’t wait! Great job on the game and also on being so quick to reply to all the comments, bugs, suggestions, etc. Truly great work, even more so considering the size of your studio. Good luck with all the bug fixes and such.


Sweet !! Thank you guys to bring us such a great game ! Looking forward to try it (mac user here :wink: )

Keep up the good work ! Love !

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Thank you guys for great game! Cool that dev’s listen what people say!


Hi ! any idea when the update will be up ? So that I don’t check every 5 minutes :smiley:

Cheers !

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Good stuff! I enjoyed it so much that I honestly don’t mind starting all over again on Mac if the saves cannot be copied over.

happy to start over on the mac for testing, more fun than i deserve! i wonder what all will transfer on my steam account to the mac? same account diff platform… will see.

tired of waiting, this hurricane weather would be easier to take with a game to play

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Up now, so you can stop refreshing :wink:


This is awesome I spent most of my day playing it! I couldn’t stop :smiley: can’t wait to play it on my xbox because my Mac seems a little bit old and laggy :slight_smile:

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You guys worked hard and it clearly showed. We’re happy to play and help test for you. Honestly, you have a hit on your hands and I can’t wait until the full release. Keep it up!


Thank you!!! (had to put a bunch of ! to get over 20 characters. Actually this probably put me way over anyway.)


Mac version has been pretty stable. I mean, other than my macbook not having a dedicated video card :confounded: