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Beta release date?

I’m really looking forward to this game! Any official date for the beta on XBox One or other platforms?


From the last update, I think they said that the release date for the Beta was pushed back to 5 Sep (busy at the conventions), but I can’t remember which platforms that is for.

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Hey Bishop, the beta is Steam only. No real way to do it on consoles for now. Even if you chose Xbox as your platform, you’ll get access to the PC beta, then a key for your platform of choice on release day.

Thank you!


I bought the $30 version way back when the kickstarter first started, but I’m unclear how to actually get the steam copy when its released? Will they email us a code?

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Faytte, when the game is released you’ll have a steam code in your inventory on the site. It’s that easy. There will be emails and all kinds of stuff before hand, so keep an eye out. Thanks!!


Will it be available on Mac and PC steam?

Hey Madjoy, maybe not the first day of beta for Mac, but hopefully soon after.


September 5th for the beta? If that’s correct I cannot wait :slight_smile:


That is correct! Can’t wait to give it a try as well.

Thanks for the responses! Looking forward to this!

What about Linux availability for beta? Similar to Mac?

Thank you guys for telling current Beta date but where did they mention that? Cant find it =(

It was mentioned in Project Update #35:

Beta Delayed One Week
Between PAX, Gamescom, and submitting the game for all the different platforms, we’ve had to push beta out one week. The new launch date will be Tuesday, September 5th. We know you’re excited to get at it… we just need to tie up a few loose ends first!


Thank you a lot! Do not know how I’ve missed it

@Lancel0t what I do for the kickstarter projects i’ve backed…when a new update email comes out, I read it, and then delete the PREVIOUS one so that I always have the most current update for the project in my inbox.

It’s worked pretty nicely for me thus far


:smile: i can’t wait to play. I’m going to play on stream I just wondered if there a place that has release days for all platforms? I probably missed it.

Date is October 3rd for everything but Switch, which could be delayed slightly. Still gotta lock that date down. Thanks!

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For the beta on steam will you be emailing us our keys on the 5th?

Works well for me! Off on Tuesday + child free day = day of gaming. what better way to spend than on the Beta! Really looking forward to this after nigh on two years!

Keys will be available in your profile where you filled in the survey and all that good stuff