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Beta recording or streaming

It’s not under NDA so why OBS or Action! cannot capture image?

Impressions extremely positive but i would like to encourage some of my friends to buy game and game is not helping me to do that. :frowning:

We’re not sure! We did not purposefully put something in place to prevent this, so we’ll look into why that’s occurring.

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What are your system specs?

You might want to go into detail as to system specs and how you are trying to use obs. That will help someone troubleshoot what might be going wrong.

Going to try streaming with obs tonight. Will report back here with success or failure.

Core I7 4790k, GTX 1080, 16GB ram Win 10 with latest game breaking patches. I can only see game cursor on black screen when capturing image. Stranger since i’m playing on pad. In Action! there’s no fps limit in overlay, that might be related to that issue. All other games work flawlessly with both for me. Using Nvidia’s NVENC to capture in both (not HEVC).

Any chance for a patch in beta? Or solution?

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Going to test different settings now.

I can confirm that I am seeing the same thing as @Hagu.

i7 6700K
32GB ram
Windows 10 Pro
OBS 18.0.1-ftl.0.9.4

Telling OBS to capture the nightwar EXE. Tried to capture whole window and by window title or contents. Same thing… Black screen with visible cursor on Twitch.

Yes. Changing capture options not doing anything.

@Hagu So I got a tip from another streamer that worked. If you do a window capture instead of game capture you can get it working. Only downside is that if you tab out of the game people will see your desktop. I just streamed for the last 45min to an hour or so using that method.

Yeah I think in my test I did a display capture rather than a window capture

I’ll wait for team’s fix or patch. It’s just i am running a gaming community and made some people really interested in Battle Chasers and can’t show them my perspective. Directing them to yt videos for now.

Game is gorgeously great anyway. Can’t wait for weekend to play on my TV rather than PC. :smiley:

@Satoru i am doing a display capture on Action!.

Yeah. Changing to active screen in Action! is capturing game. :slight_smile: I’ll try @spetz83 solution tonight too.

Hope for a fix soon though.

Any chance for beta patch?

I’ll look into it, but I’m not sure it’s something we can fix. It’s probably something about the way Unity works. Reading other posts, sounds like lots of other games require the same workaround.

What are the downsides of using Display Capture vs Game Capture?

For me the downsides of using window capture are:
1 - your desktop will show on stream if you alt + tab
2 - other overlays like steam notifications and whatnot will also show.

It’s not that much of a big deal IMO.

Hey guys!
We may have discovered a workaround for OBS.

On OBS, Window Capture is available if you run the game with fullscreen off. And, if you run the game with -popupwindow command line option, turning off fullscreen gets you a fullscreen borderless window.

Steam overlay and notifications still show up over the stream, in testing this, unfortunately.

How to run with command line args in Steam:

  1. Right click on your game in the Steam Library and select Properties
  2. In the General tab of the Properties window, select SET LAUNCH OPTIONS…
  3. Enter -popupwindow into the text box provided and select OK

I currently have no workaround for Action! - it appears many games run into this issue with Action, particularly in Unity. We will update this thread if we have any developments.

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Thanks. will experiment more tonight and also read more about unity issues with Action!
Maybe i’ll find something myself. It works in Action! with Active Screen capture but my main downside is graphics looks different when recorded, like jagged.
You guys created a brilliant game anyway, already clear to see. You’re like my second CD Projekt RED if it come to general trust in quality. :slight_smile:

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OBS fix not working for me for some reason. :frowning:

Sorry, @Hagu! Hmm, is it still a problem with OBS or are you not able to get the fullscreen borderless window working?

I’ve done all steps regarding your instructions and it’s still black screen with sound in OBS.

Side question. Beta is only for backers or there’s a chance to grab keys for friends that i’m trying to push into preorder? :slight_smile: