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Beta Information!

Hey all, just thought I’d drop a bit of beta info here for you:

  • Launch Time: IT’S LIVE!

  • How to access the beta: Kickstarter Backers: If you’ve already redeemed your Kickstarter key on, the beta will show up there with your Steam key and redemption instructions. For those who haven’t redeemed their key yet, you’ll get an email with your Kickstarter code and instructions for registering on the website and claiming your Steam key.

  • If you purchased your pledge package directly through the store, your beta key will automatically show up in your inventory.

  • How to play it: Steam for Windows, with a Mac version hopefully later in the week

  • What you can play: Roughly the first half of the game’s dungeons, which we’d expect to be around 15ish hours… excited to hear play times!

  • What features are in: Overworld, dungeons, crafting, enchanting, fishing, battle arena… and more!

  • Save carry-over: Yes, Steam saves will carry over to the full release!

  • Bugs and Feedback: Please share any feedback in the Bugs & Feedback category of the community!

We’re crazy anxious to get you guys in and playing. This will be the game’s big reveal as far as we’re concerned!


Nice! I can’t wait to play :heart_eyes:

Does it make sense to make a same sub-forum on the steam disucssions as well?

Just to be sure: Beta is fully allowed to be streamed, right?

Edit: Also I am not seeing any steam key for the beta in my inventory on Did something go wrong?

Finally, I’ve been patiently waiting for this :heart_eyes:

Streaming: hell yes.

Beta key: It’ll show up when it goes live!


So hyped! :smiley:
It’s funny how all my friends and media are all about Destiny 2 launch and me refreshing the Battle Chasers site and my email all day


same man!! cant wait=) last 3 days just refreshing all day xD

I’m so excited. Can’t wait. I was lucky enough to have been playing Alpha for the last few months. Glad to finally get my hands on a more complete version of the game. I wonder, will there be updates through out the beta until release?

Sounds great. Got my hands on the game at PAX a few days ago, and was definitely enjoying myself. Looking forward to the Kickstarter Beta today. Hopefully it is live when I get home, reading through some of the comics again now.

I have not paid much attention to this for some time, summer has been way too busy! Anyways, really looking forward to this. Keep up the good work!

I have been waiting so patiently. I’m getting giddy with excitement for this. :smiley:

Me too. It’s nighttime here - I’ve been waking up every 45 minutes or so, just so I can try to download it before I have to start my 13-hour day.

Am I understanding correctly, only kickstarters are going to have beta access? I hope that’s not the case since I’m a backer.

That would be absolutely ridiculous. I hope there is a method in place for the people who bought the game on steam to play.

The closed beta is only intended for those KS backers, or backers who did so directly on the developer’s website

Launch Time UPDATE: We’re currently fixing an issue we found with save games to make sure there are no issues with them. May push it out an hour or so! 3-4PM PST


That is one of the most misguided thoughts I have ever heard. A gigantic portion of this games funding and popularity and building hype has come from it being released on steam, and for the developers to shaft that portion of their player base would be downright disgusting.

Especially considering the beta is literally on steam.

To be specific, 100% of our funding came from Kickstarter and THQNordic. None of the funding was through Steam.

The alpha and beta - which we wouldn’t have done had we not done Kickstarter - are rewards for earliest supporters, with us from the beginning.