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Beta in-game legendaries

so i have a question,m whilst playing the beta over the last 2 days i have occurred all 3 legendary skins from the shadow collector, will i get to actually use those?? or did i waste my time trying to get those ?? lol

nvm i got em lol


Hehe, I got the dark lady first. I think Brass is next. Might not worry about the others.

Youll be able to use them. Your save should stay intact when we unlock the rest of the content with the full release :slight_smile:

Think it would be great to see a preview of the skin, before you actually invest the 100 coins.

I got the one for Calibretto, however quickly changed back to the original as I like it better overall.

we can see the head and shoulders from the icon. but i agree - we could see more.

Ok, seriously, where did you farm all those dark coins?

Oh man those skins are wicked!

Lol I farmed them from a chest just north of the the first town, but I
guess it was glitched when I was doing it cause you can’t farm it there
anymore since the patch

in case of REAL Legendaries… have anyone found Legendary grade item (above epic)?

Never did enjoy those skins

No, but I believe those items with an orange ring behind the item’s icon may or may not be part of it in-game at a later time.