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Beta Impressions

Hey all just a few thoughts from the Beta (late to the party i know but I’m away with work).

I’ve put in around 20 hours, maxed out all 5 characters and have done 3 out of 4 legendary dungeon runs (so far).

I’ll start with the few (minor) issues, which may by now have been addressed.

  • Swapping party members is a chore, especially if like me you dont want one party formation outpacing the characters left at the inn. The option to swap out teammates outside of battles would be awesome. Perhaps a camping mechanic in dungeons like in Darkest Dungeon would work?

  • More xp from overworld battles would make them a little more rewarding rather that just seeming like obsticles to slow down progress. Overworld grinding should be a viable alternative to farming the dungeons.

  • Crafting higher level ingrediants could be made more user friendly. Being able to craft whole stacks would be quicker and would make crafting a more enjoyable experience.

  • Knowlan is underwhelming compared to other characters. His bursts are good so that saves him somewhat and firebolt is great but it seems like he just does’nt excell in an area and so doesnt really earn a spot in the party other than to level. Maybe he gets better in end game content??

Now for the good.

The whole aesthetic is amazing: the music, animations, level design etc are stunning and I cant get enough of the game.

The dungeons are great and no two runs have been the same yet which keeps pulling me back in. Though level scalling would keep all dungeons viable for the whole playthrough.

The story has got me grabbed, it seems simple but the characters are likeable and I honestly want to play it out to the end. I love the inn scenes when you rest, makes the adventure seem like its really taking time.

I’m loving the feeling of exploration. Things like the arena and hunts make it seem like the world is full of little secrets to uncover.

In short: the whole game feels like a love letter to fans of both the graphic novels (not something I’ve read yet) and of ff/dq style rpgs (which I most certainly am).

I backed this game waaay back in 2015 and I’m so very glad i did. Thanks to Airship for an amazing game and I hope that the content keeps flowing post release.