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Beta impression 24/09 - very good, please give us more difficulty options

First of all well done, as a long time battlechaser fan backer i can say you delivered !
So far almost everything is above my expectations (well having played and loved both darksiders i should have expected such a level of quality)

Pros :

  • top noth art and rendering
  • very good gameplay in combat
  • global world activities, content
  • 21:9 support ! thanks

Cons :

  • Inventory sorting is a bit messy
  • I understand the design choices but somehow being able to upgrade aramus gauntlets for gully would be awesome
  • The maps really lack informations, playing with last patch, the dungeon POI icons on the maps have no explanation
  • The difficulty i find the game too easy, i read your comments regarding NG+ but PLEASE consider :
    . offering legendary difficulty right of the bat for dungeons then maybe unlocking mythic
    . offering a nightmare mode (ng+ without all characters and achievement unlock?)
    . making dungeon mobs scale to your level

I love a good challenge in games but honestly don’t have the time (or want to) play a NG+ to have some challenge after the main story has been spoiled. I’m sure i’m not the only one who wants more difficulty without playing the game twice.

Thanks alot for this great game nonetheless, crossing fingers about the game difficulty.

I feel the same way about the Garrison’s Artifact blade as well. These supposed mysterious and powerful weapons becomes useless as soon as you hit level 3