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Beta for macOS is now Live!

Mac users, go get it!



running perfectly on my iMac so far.

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Amazing! Thank you so much for all your hard work getting this out.

Won’t even load after I skip the opening cinematic. MacBook Pro 2014 - Quad i7 - 16 GB DDR3 Ram - OS Sierra.

@PTSinger do you get a crash message or anything?

I get no message of any sort. It just freezes on “Battle Chasers” with no “Press E (A) to skip”, like it does on Windows.


Sorry about that!

We’ve had an issue where the game seems to lose focus. Clicking the mouse on the game window seems to wake it up. Does that work for you?

That totally worked! Strange that it didn’t work before by clicking the trackpad. Thanks!


Awesome, glad to hear it! We’ll get that bug fixed.

Running MacBook Pro 2016 15” TB.
Found 1400x900 with high settings gave decent performance and quality. Would like to see FPS counter to play around more with settings.