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Beta First Impressions *Updated Sept/20*

Had a chance to dive into the Beta this weekend. I’ve been taking a few notes as I play, will attempt to keep this updated.



  • Dungeon Replayability - Upon replaying a dungeon I expected it to dynamically scale to my parties current level, however it appears to just be a scaled version of the original level. To avoid this confusion you could just indicate the expected min level for each difficulty tier.

  • World/Dungeon Map - As a player I expect to be able to open the world/dungeon map at any time, not just from teleport stations. Because of this I often find that the dungeon map has little value.

  • Town Warp - A nice to have feature, often getting home is never a life or death situation, it’s simply a matter of time. Often I am returning to old dungeons to replay them on a higher difficulty and returning to town becomes a chore.

  • Pause Tabs - It may be my industry showing, but the vertical tabs are breaking my brain. Using the left and right shoulder buttons to navigate just doesn’t feel intuitive when the tabs move vertically.

  • World Map Navigation - When I open the world map I expect to be able to freely navigate around, however when I try to go left or right with the dpad/stick nothing happens. Every time I have to remember that I’m actually only able to navigate on the map using a vertical list.

  • World Map Information - I feel as though the world map could provide the player some really useful information about the dungeons & if they’ve been beaten & on what difficulty level all from the map. Currently I need to travel to the dungeon to find out this information.

  • Fishermans Hut - Fishing is introduced and available very early, however the vendor that converts your fish into tokens is rather hidden. As a player I find it annoying to have to go really far out of my way to interact with him, rather than have him be easily accessible at the town.


  • Monica Evade Skill - To be consistent with the other characters, Monica’s basic evade (defensive skill) should be listed second instead of third. For all other characters their primary defensive skill is always the first basic skill in the second column.

  • Dungeon Movement Speed - Echoing a few others who have spoken about this, it would be great to be able to have a higher walking speed in dungeons, especially if I’m working my way back to a boss room.

  • Fishing Success Line - ‘Great Catch’ doesn’t really mean anything. There is no skill range for catching a fish, you either do or you don’t. Does this line need to exist? Could you just show the captured fish? As a player I am often fishing a pond until its completely empty, anything you do to speed up this would be helpful.

  • Slime Hunt Unlock - This is not only a Hunt, but a side quest given by the innkeeper. It unlocks at level 10, however due to its difficulty I would suggest you wait to unlock this quest/hunt until the player hits the min requirement. From personal experience, upon hitting lvl 10 I attempted both this quest as well as the Fire Ele Hunt only to be killed multiple times before I moved onto the primary golden path to further level my characters.


  • Enemies Instant Casting - Sometimes during combat I see an enemy start a skill that requires additional casting time, only to immediate cast it instead. This is often surprising and sometimes frustrating.

  • Arcane Sickness Stacking - The tool tip of Knolen’s basic skill that inflicts arcane sickness on a foe states that it can be stacked 3 times. Yet on repeat casts it doesn’t appear to stack like other debilitating effects like poison, bleeding, etc.



  • World Map POIs - I’ve found it to be somewhat of a challenge to access POI’s on the world map (Chests, loot drops, etc). Often find that I bump out of the interact range.

  • Exporable Area Map Visuals - At first glance I have difficulty determining if an element on the map is an explorable area or simply interactable (I.E town buildings) I would be nice to be able to immediately distinguish the two.

  • Gold Currency Count on Innkeeper Conversation - As you can directly spend gold when resting on the conversation tree(to rest) it would be helpful to know how much gold you have.

  • Dungeon Item Interaction - Often I’ve found my interaction canceled on me by minute shifts in my character position. My expectation as a player is that I need to hold the button as many other confirmation prompts have taught me that behavior. Holding down the button often causes me to ruin/cancel the interaction which leads to frustration.

  • Crafting/Enchanting Tables - Am I correct in understanding I cannot craft/enchant items outside of a dungeon? There are no available options in the town, which feels odd, nor can I do it in my menu despite having a rather comprehensive screen dedicated to it. Only a few hours in, but could see this being a point of frustration and a possible reason I simply ignore the whole system. Which is a dangerous player mindset, after all a good deal of development went into making crafting possible.


  • Additional Victory Lines - A nice polish item, but that victory screen is something I am interacting with constantly. Any variation in animations or VO (Gully’s WooHoo can get a little grating) would go a long way.

  • Overcharge Tutorial Timing - Would be helpful to have the overcharge tutorial happen a bit earlier. I only saw it after exiting the first explorable area after I’ve already engaged in several fights.

Last Note

  • UI Development - Minimal, clean and entirely usable, but it lacks the flavor/cohesive direction that every other element in the game has, which makes it stand out.

You can upgrade the stores at the town hub (Blacksmith for crafting armors and weapons etc.) so you can unlock crafting there. Only the Enchantment shop can’t be upgraded in the beta. It will be available in the full game.

Not a bad suggestion; this is how it used to work, Keys! But we moved it to happen later on in order to not overwhelm players with new information. When you first start playing there’s a ton of new information to take in; we wanted to keep things basic, for people to try out abilities and come to understand the basics of combat before we introduce something new.

Thanks for your feedback! We’ll consider these other issues carefully!