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Beast perks stats not carrying over between sessions

After saving and exiting the game the next time I play all previously earned beast perks in the bestiary no longer seem to provide their stats listed while still being marked as completed.

We’ll take a look at that. Thanks!

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Stumbled upon something possibly related by accident while testing to see if it was the same thing with the character specific perks, but it wasn’t. I noticed a bump in my characters stats while re-allocating their perks, which i would assume to be the stats from the beast perks, though I am not sure.

Tried it a few times and it seems to be consistent, after restarting the game any change to character perks results in the same increase in stats.

It might work as a temporary solution if anyone else encounters the same problem.

thanks for the heads up/extra info!

I can confirm that the Beast Perks are not carried over between sessions. I even wanted to confirm that re-allocating the character perks would fix that (temporarily) but even that does not seem to work 100%.
I got a bump in stats but not the same amount I got previously.

We have a fix for this in an upcoming patch :slight_smile: