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BattleChasers Comics 10-12

Would it be safe to assume that the comics continuing the original Wildstorm story won’t be out for sometime or maybe never. I have seen multiple posts asking questions and it feels like when answers do come out, they conveniently ignore the questions about these comics we should have received already in my opinion. The reason why I backed this game at the level I did was to get digital editions of all the existing comics and the new ones as well. Sorta disappointing at this time that we are days away from launch and not one mention of the new comics in my opinion. I know this is Joe’s domain and Airship Syndicate is a video game company and not a comic book company, but because they both are apart of the same crowns funding campaign they are apart of each other whether we like it or not. I would like someone to at least acknowledge the question and give some sort of feedback. On a more positive note the game is amazing and I look forward to launch in a couple of days.

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Last I heard joe was going to work on them post launch.

I would imagine that each new issue that is released will somehow affect the game, i.e. new characters or new areas, so look for a staggered release over the next year…but I am only hypothesizing

Its coming!!!


So the Game is only a side-quest mission, I hope the Comics gets translated to the game eventually.

We need to be invested in these characters not only in the comics but also in the game, that is why the character interactions in game are just meh.

Any update on issues 10 - 12?

“Soon” is definitely a word joe doesn’t know the meaning :sweat_smile: