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BattleChasers Comics 10-12 Ver2

I would assume at this point we are never getting this backer item that we were promised years ago? Sorta sad and disappointing.

Joe said again this December that they would come.
I still trust him… but indeed I would like a commitment on a date now.

Any idea where I can’t find it. It’s just disappointing that three years after game comes out. I think it’s been three years now or more we are still waiting for these.

The worst part is the lack of update or just signs of life on the issue.
I wrote last year to support to ask them to just give any public update on the issue and this was what I got, which was super disappointing as one of the major points of hype for the kickstarter, was getting more comics made.

Feb 5, 11:46 -05
Once we have an update, we will make the appropriate steps to update our backers.


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The thing that frustrates me almost as much as the fact that these promised issues are still nowhere to be seen is the fact that Joe stated that he will be getting another artist to draw them instead of doing it himself. That is SO not what I signed up for. Of course, the total silence of any and all @Airship_Devs on this forum is not showing any good signs for the future of the Battle Chasers brand.

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I hope it is what it is.

Well, at least it’s something. The art isn’t bad, but still quite salty it won’t be Joe doing it.