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Battle Runner Badge / Title / Thing

I’ve been away for a bit, technical difficulties and the like. I see that some people have the Battle Runner tag, how do I go about applying this to my account? Yes, I am a backer, yes I should have access to this. I’m just confused as to how to apply it.

Select your profile picture from the top right of the screen here on the forums, and select the gear icon that appears in that submenu. This takes you to the profile edit screen.

From there, you should see the option to set your “Title”!

Thanks for the walkthrough @ortizgames, however I do not see anything about setting my “Title”. I do see I’m a member of that group, but nothing about a title.

If it helps, I do not have the Battle Runner Badge either.

Logged in this morning and all is right in the world. Thanks for the help!

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