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Battle chasers: xbox one hard crash at strongmont boss, please help

uninstalled, restarted xbox, reinstalled. seems to be fixed now. will update again if there’s any more shenanigans. :wink:

— original —
digital version downloaded from xbox game pass.
playing on xbox one (i think original version, not s or x).
no bugs until now.
played through strongmont dungeon on lowest difficulty with gully, red, alumon.
completed up to boss, click red crystal to reset health/mana.
approach boss area, get cutsecene.
after cutscene and boss’s speech bubble before the fight, game freezes.
this happens every time i get here.

attempting to use xbox guide button to go to home screen actually shut down my xbox. that happened twice.

tried exiting dungeon, did a fight (to get a save outside the dungeon), returned to dungeon to continue, same crash in the same exact spot.

i have not tried resetting the dungeon as i do not want to lose over 5 hours of progress.

i have also not tried uninstalling/reinstalling.

please advise, as the game is currently unplayable beyond this point on the critical path. :frowning: