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Battle Chasers: Nightwar Beta Update for 09-22-2017

Hey all! The beta was just updated to v.22972! You should receive the patch upon next restart of Steam. Thank you all so much for your support throughout the beta!

Patch Notes for Battle Chasers: Nightwar build v.22972

  • All heroes have been given a significant movement buff. You will not see it in your buffs list, but you’ll be able to tell.

  • Fixed issues where music was not playing at all during dungeons sometimes. This was unacceptable. We love our game’s music.

  • Fixed issues where multiple tracks were playing simultaneously during combat. We love our game’s music, but not that much.

  • We now officially support people with broader horizons. (21:9 support added)

  • Potentially fixed additional issues that would cause players to literally fall through the earth.

  • Fixes put into place to stop dungeons from randomly resetting when they were not asked to do so.

  • There is no amusing way to put this one: Enchantment rarity and stats should no longer decay when players reload their game. Unfortunately, the state at which enchantments were applied could not be restored; all enchantments without a rarity have been scaled up to Uncommon. If the enchantment stats in your save file did not decay below the value for Uncommon, they will remain at your saved value.

  • Players need not re-apply their perks on loading the game in order to get their full benefit.

  • Haste has been made less game breaking.

  • Issues where the inventory and pause menu were becoming inaccessible have been fixed.

  • Many localization and text display issues have been fixed.

  • The Gambler has gotten wise to your tricksy ways and now actually collects on your debt when you lose.

  • We have implemented new means to prevent enemies from patrolling on the ceiling.

  • There was a tacklebox in several fishing holes that people really wanted to open. We’ve given you what you wanted: it’s gone now

  • Made several UI fixes and tweaks for quality of life and polish.

  • The Game Manual now informs players of what on earth the markings on the Dungeon Map mean.

  • A section was added to the Game Manual breaking down Stats and what each one does.

  • You now have double the space for notes in the Game Manual.

  • A new experimental feature has been added: Click and hold to move.

    • Create a text file named BC.cfg in the directory where your BC.exe is located, and add the following:
      • To click and hold to move: set clickHoldToMove 1
  • Related to the above note, you may now Right Click in order to interact with dungeon objects.

  • The Vessel of War quest should be progressing more reliably.

  • Knolan’s Arcane Explosion has been given a more informative description.

  • When throwing food into the well, you actually do not get to keep it. You threw it into a well.

  • Ice Elementals should no longer leave behind their aura when they move on to wherever Ice Elementals move on to.

  • All fish now weigh in pounds. They’re big fish!

  • A secret hunt monster will now actually eat your food.

  • New Game+ is going to be harder. We promise.

  • When a weaker enemy is on a map node with you, you will not be able to interact with other things on that node until it is defeated.

  • There was a long pause when first damage would occur in the game. This wasn’t really good for pacing, so we removed it.

  • We know they’re scary, but you can no longer flee from combat with a miniboss, no matter how many waves in they are.

  • You should not be able to fish when an enemy is nearby. That’s what the warning says, and that’s what should be happening.

  • We no longer punish you for discovering a Treasure Elemental by attacking you with yet another Treasure Elemental.

Big thanks to @ortizgames for the patch notes!


Ice Elementals? :o Mobs from the (as of yet unreachable) northern region?

What does this mean? What does it do exactly?

That is probably for those who play with keyboard and mouse. Left-click and hold and you can move your character in the dungeon. The character moves towards the position where your mouse cursor is.

Oh, makes sense. Thanks!

@AirshipAndy are these fixes/updates being applied across the console versions (where /if required/necessary)?

Why would you do this it was nice not having to waste time going through a whole battle sequence to one shot everything and get your loot… i do not consider this an improvement at all. Dont hate me but thats my opinion. Great game though cant wait for the full release. Thanks for all the fun so far.


Agree, weaker ennemies should not prevent interaction on the map in my opinion.
It’s a waste of time. And on a roleplay side we can consider than weaker ennemies are afraid of the heroes and do not prevent them to interact.

Other changes sound great !


I’m confused about this as well. Haven’t seen any Ice Elementals yet.

That doesn’t seem to work in overworld, nor sewers.

I agree with the others on this. Doing a one punch fight against weaker enemies just so I can take the loot on the map is boring as hell and a waste of time…Why would you change something like that? It was better before in my opinion at least…

The rest of the changes are great.

But… do you really need the loot? You can only craft lower-level items with it. The only usable item may be around the Dig after it is available then again there’d be enough in the dungeon.

Yeah, that’s what I found - about the overworld. Nothing happened. We were only supposed to type that single line in the txt file before saving it as a cfg file, right: set clickHoldToMove 1