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Battle Chasers: Nightwar Beta Update for 09-11-2017

We’re happy to announce that the Battle Chasers: Nightwar beta has been updated to version 22753!

With this release come a number of important fixes, and something really cool: the macOS version of the beta.

Thank you all for your patience. Full patch notes are below!

Patch Notes for Battle Chasers: Nightwar build v.22753

  • Fixed various issues with collision in rooms that would cause players to fall into the abyss.
  • Garrison no longer discriminates between the healthy and the wounded, thus his Siphon once again does damage to non-bleeding targets.
  • We now prevent enemies from trapping you behind gates in the Iron Outpost.
  • Lootable items should no longer taunt you by continuing to sparkle once looted.
  • The Beastmaster will no longer hang around needily after your first conversation with her.
  • Players would find themselves swindled out of Shadow Coin when purchasing multiple chests from the Collector. We have had a word with him - his chests now all contain loot.
  • The gate in the Sewers should now re-open for players who get stuck behind it.
  • Now that everyone has opened and been disappointed by the empty chest in the Sewers, we can remove it.
  • Chests in Lycelot Bannerman rooms could sometimes have no loot in them. We have re-filled them.
  • Fixed bad flickering issues in a room in the Iron Outpost.
  • The Thorns armor enchantment should no longer require the same ingredient twice.
  • Several game exploits have been fixed.
  • You should no longer find Motivators awkwardly photo bombing certain Battle Bursts.
  • DirectX9 (Safe Mode) has been given a prescription and is no longer intensely blurry.
  • Game Credits are now neatly stacked instead of haphazardly overlaying each other.
  • Several localization problems and issues with broken HTML tags in French, Italian and other languages have been fixed.
  • Calibretto is suddenly much more vocal about his dislike for bandits.
  • The Iron Outpost boss has remembered its dignity and will no longer pretend to be a slime.
  • We unearthed a treasure chest that was halfway sunk into the ground in the Iron Outpost and placed it on level ground.
  • One of the secret hunt bosses had a One Hit KO ability they were not supposed to have. This has now been rectified.
  • Save protection has been added to prevent save files from being corrupted in the event of catastrophic alien invasions, or computer shutdowns.
  • Players should now only ever receive one Dead Heart. If you already have two, consider yourself lucky. If you have three, you have been Chosen. If they begin whispering to you, do not listen. They speak only lies.
  • We added an option to assist people who need to disable features that are causing issues. Players can now create a text file named BC.cfg in the directory where their BC.exe is located, and inside it enter the following lines (separated by line breaks) to disable the corresponding features:
    • To disable videos, enter the line: set playVideos 0
    • To disable rumble, enter the line: set rumbleEnabled 0
    • To disable the gradual fade of menus to gray, enter the line: set immediateScreenFreeze 1

[Edit]: Incorrect name for rumbleEnabled!


No doubt. I thought it was intentional. Found a way to beat it however

They’re still pretty hard!!

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All videos in the game or only intro?

This will disable all videos.
The intro video can be skipped if you hold Esc or E - it doesn’t begin skipping, however, until background loading is done.

Thank you, thank you, thank you… the rumble was killing me after a while. Carpel Tunnel aggravation.

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You’re welcome!
But also, my apologies - the rumble command is actually set rumbleEnabled 0!

I was wondering what was going on there, :joy:

At least it wasnt Microsoft Group Policy levels of obfuscation

Set RumbleNotEnabled


  1. Yes - Enables option (so does it turn rumble on or off?)
  2. No - Disables option (ok yeah so what does this do!!?!)
  3. Blank - Default setting (Haha this actually randomly enables rumble oh an resets your option on restart )

what is this?

Not to be rude, but if it’s about some other programs rumble disabling, than it can only obfuscate the issue here.

Sorry I was just making fun of Microsofts typical way they implement Group Policy options that are full of nonsensical double/triple negative ways of talking about what a policy is supposed to do. I was just making a funny guess at how Microsoft would would use ‘disable rumble’ as a way to make it nonsensical as possible

Poes Law at work I suppose

Hey guys!
I have some issue when playing with the steam controller having a XBOX360 controller conected at the same time. both rumble at the same time!