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Battle Chasers Feedback

I beat the game, it’s a small developer, I’m passing along notes because they might read. This

PS4 Version of the Game.

Here is my mind dump in no particular order.

The animations in this game are great, give that person a raise.

Callibreto is way to good of a healer, after playing Alumon for a bit it was obvious he had one as well. But Callibreto you have from the beginning, so I was most familiar with his quirks. In any event it almost felt like I couldn’t take anybody else to heal because he was just way to good at it.

Callibreto is also an awesome character, I was all cynical and was “great another gun with a soul.” Until I read the comic and realized issue 1 came out more than a year before the Iron Giant. They were all copying you!

Gully is the only tank, that is a problem. Again it feels like you can’t take anybody else.

The crafting system needs a little work, for crafting equipment it was fine. But making potions, especially large amounts of purple potions, having to reset my ingredients to make the awesome potions all the time was annoying.

I liked fishing actually, it was a fun little break in dungeons. Please remove it in the future from the fish guy’s zone. Fishing those fish is a slogging distraction to my after dungeon activities.

I loved all the random mini-bosses you could discover, that was loads of fun.

Combat was awesome, by the end it seemed like I had 2 to 4 to many abilities. But I really enjoyed all the situational stuff, it made combat a fun knot to untie.

In the future you should probably have a 4 person team. Because the combat is built to be tactical having a solid healer, tank, and DPS was always optimal. Because of this the more situational characters were hard to justify. Red Monicka for example, it takes some doing to set up her moves, which can be undone by random AoE’s and what not. Having a 4th person gives you design space to make characters who can pitch hit in several areas, or just be a little less niche.

The plot was mostly an excuse plot, go here kill stuff get loot move on. Oddly the best bits were the stuff that happened at the Inn. Work in more story, what I saw of it was fun.

If you don’t resolve the ending cliffhanger/set up for a sequel, I will curse you to my grave.

The way you handled dungeons, and repeating them was fun good job.

People complained of it, but I don’t remember it happening to me (maybe it was patched at some point), but yes don’t make optional bosses and other stuff in the “must do” list part of random dungeon spawns. To progress quests, either have it always be in the dungeon, or in an exploration zone. I had to go back to the first dungeon (which was a tad annoying because the low level mobs ran to be murdered by me at a level where me just breathing on them hard killed them), to do the Lich correctly to get him to spawn later. That was annoying, and kinda unfun to read I “Messed up” on the internet.

I liked the map quite a bit, after my initial “why are they doing it this way” you could just design the map to do the same thing. Having it “on rails” kinda took off the annoying part of “am I just missing something, or do they intend for me not to get over these mountains.” The mini-map was annoying, I kinda wanted to just look at a huge image of the whole piece of map-art. But then again I’m kind of a D&D map nut.

I can’t wait for Battle Chasers Night War Part Deux - Electric Boogaloo!


Gonna go ahead and agree with pretty much EVERYTHING OP says. Spot on review.

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I agree with you on the team size. I would like an option adding someone else to spice up the tactical side of gameplay.

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