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Battle Chasers 2?

Thank you very much for this Game^^ I really love these Game.
I´ll hope there will be a second Battle Chasers in the future… ???
Or pls make a strategy rpg in Battle Chasers style like Shining Force 3 or Final Fantasy Tatics.


Amen to a game like Final Fantasy Tactics! You guys would do great.

Actually, I’ve been imagining how Final Fantasy VII would look if they adopted the Battle Chasers formula :):grin:

I’d love to see a more open world, exploration type of game with Battle Chasers art style and animation quality. Something like The Witcher 3 (maybe not quite as large) but keeping the turn based combat from the original game… As well as a Shining Force like game.

I’m almost done with my first play through and I’m kind of bummed that it’ll likely be years before I get to play another Battle Chasers game.

I would pay so much for this, though I doubt it would end up like either SF3 (BC doesn’t have enough playable characters and, unlike the SF series, characters should all have a bunch of different abilities) or FFT (job changing doesn’t really fit with the BC character concepts). I could definitely see the BC series be turned into a turn-based tactical RPG vaguely similar to both of these, but it would definitely need to be different from most other extant examples of the genre to keep the feel that BC gave us.

Then the general consensus is that the game would do great if it takes the Strategy RPG path. What do you think @AirshipSupport @AirshipAndy @Airship-Steve?


That being said I get where more are coming from. I really dig the RPG approach personally and it really did a lot of cool things with the formula imo

I might be in the minority on this but the only reason I kickstarted this project was because it was Battlechasers, the style of game (turn base RPG) didn’t appeal to me.
While I have enjoyed the game. I really can’t get enough of the isometric parts of the game. It reminds me of Diablo and I would love a game of Battlechasers that played like Diablo.
Also part of the kickstarter was Joe Mad was going to produce more Battlechasers comic work, is that still happening?

Yes it is!

Yes, new BC issues 10-12 are STILL happening! It’s my next priority after getting the few remaining sketchy rewards out the door! I’ll follow up in more detail in a KS Backer email soon. Thanks for your patience!

I loved this game. Its a hidden gem! Need more pls. And a tactics version would be cool but make both kinds of games.

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I don’t know when but it’s gonna happen for sure! :wink: