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Battle Chasers #10-12

So with all the updates and rewards coming in over the past two years, I’m still patiently waiting for the comics. That’s all that’s left for my rewards… Now I know #11-12 still need to be drawn and all that, but #10 should be mostly finished as they had 8 physical issues to give out for the Kickstarter and opened it up for more after they moved from the Kickstarter to the Battle Chasers Store. Sadly, I’m still waiting for the physical issue of #10 on top on the digital ones.

I really would like for Joe Mad and Airship to finish up with what they owe on this before starting on the next (Darksiders Genesis), but as long as there’s some level of updates coming and can’t complain too much. Many of us have been waiting for #10 for much long than the game was ever announced or in production. lol

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I know awhile back, Joe Mad had mentioned that someone was in line to draw the rest, because he wouldn’t be able to, but that was shortly after the game had been released. Who knows when this will get situated, but it’d be really nice the team released these last few issues…

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Honestly, I’d just be thrilled to get the physical copy of #10. As soon as I did, it’d be going to CGC.

It’s just disheartening to see Joe and Airship move on to Darksiders III without finishing the rewards for Battle Chasers. It just feels like we’ve been forgotten now, with very little updates and what news/communication there is being only about Darksiders III.

Yeah, its certainly disheartening for sure about the rest of the rewards for Battle Chasers. I hope that after Airship makes Ruined King for Riot Forge, I hope that they create another BC game and potentially give us the comics then.

Given that we got a full blown RPG, 16 years after the last issue, I’m surprised that this series has even lasted this long… :man_shrugging:

BC or not, reward or not, I just need more Joe Mad art.
This is just as simple as that… I need Joe to draw more or to show more.

Hey, guys! I can understand where both of you are coming from. @Bretto_83, you basically said “We got the game, so we should be thankful.” @Ulkhror, you basically said, “I just want Joe to draw more, no matter what it is.” Both are valid comments, but I have to differ.

By offering issues 10-12 as a Kickstarter reward and by allowing backers to put money towards those reward items, they have entered into a verbal contract to produce those books (at least in a digital form). Granted, I am aware that there are numerous crowdfunding campaigns that fail to follow through on their promises. I just don’t see how @Airship_Devs can be considered part of that group. They did produce the main product as well as MANY secondary reward items and original artwork.

As such, they should be willing and able to make good on this last remaining promise to their most generous supporters. By extension, @Bradym1 and I are well within our right to inquire about these books and to be upset about the developer’s silence on the matter. Here’s to hoping they see the activity on the forum and feel motivated to reply.

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So… Joe Mad’s finally showing something to get our hopes up again. And only nearly 3.5 years after the release of the game… (

32 pages of story, and available later this year. Hopefully he doesn’t let us down again.

Yes, but as I mentioned in the other thread, it isn’t being drawn by him. The verbiage on the Kickstarter campaign page clearly stated that the new issues would be written and drawn by Joe. There are over 2,400 people who supported the project at a tier that included these new issues. Which means, in part, that these generous backers were both funding the video game as well as the return of the comic book Joe walked away from nearly 20 years ago. Essentially telling everyone (in the June 4, 2019 update) that we should just be happy we got the game shows exactly how much the most generous supporters really mean to him. Ugh…forgive this reply for being so salty. I blame Daylight Savings Time. :yawning_face: