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Battle Chaser Toys!

Is it too soon to ask if there will be toys of Battle Chasers? I’ve always wanted action figures especially since Danger Girls and Crimson got them back in the day. It would be a dream come true if McFarlane Toys did them! I was asking them to make toys of anything based on Joe Mads art work even if it was just some original line of creatures he drew. I think McFarlane Toys would be perfect to capture the unique art style of Joe Mad like I mentioned before the Danger Girl toys were perfect and captured J Scott Campbells artwork so I think toys based on Joe Mads art would be insane!


Yeah I would love to get figures for Battle Chasers. What I also love to see, are Amiibos for the Switch version :slight_smile:

Woah! That would we awesome. Looking forward to see that happening.

I’d definitely buy Battle Chasers merch if that happens!!

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Toys would be awesome… I am a pretty big collector in figures, such… Also a big fan of much of the artwork coming from this series… both fan work and series stuff… would be cool!

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Funkopop Calibretto!

I’m not a big Fan of the Funkopop figures. But I like the style of the Funkopop-like figures from League of Legend. They look pretty good. But I would prefer some figures like the Darksider 2 one :wink:

There was a darksider funkopop :fearful: off to Amazon!

I ment this figure:

Some Battle Chasers statues would be awesome, $50-100 range. For action figures, no McFarlane Toys, they’re subpar these days. Definitely no Funko Pops, they’re so bad. Amiibos would be amazing!

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Think I’d buy anything Battle Chasers at this point.

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Oh I want McFarlane. Todd and Joe are my two favorite and to have them collab on something like this would be my childhood dream come true! I would also get Pops and any other merch they create!

Same! I just want some Battle Chasers merch of anything! XD

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Hopefully something else than FunkoPops if toys are ever made. Not a big fan of them either

Yeah the only toy I have that was joe mad designed was the onslaught build a figure from back in the day it is awesome ! I can only imagine a battle chasers one it needs to be done definitively

Back when BC was still publishing, I think around the time of Issue 4, there were plans underway for toys. I think the figures were even in development at that stage - if I’m not mistaken there was a prototype image of Garrison and/or Red Monika published in WIZARD. I was super excited. Unfortunately they never saw the light of day…