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Banog cave bug (switch)

Hi there, new to the community, new to the game!

Been enjoying the game, really starting to get a handle on the mechanics and character builds.

However, just after the first dungeon I was instructed to head to banog cave… which now is not letting me explore it at all.

I enter, move a few feet, get kicked back into the overworld.

Obviously I’m a little disappointed, but I figured I’d post here in hopes someone may know a workaround. I’ve only spent 5 hours in game… but I’d hate to have to restart already.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, Valorfore,

This is a known issue! The big blue arrow in our game lets you know that is an exit to the World Map. There is a bug where it should be asking you whether you want to leave and it is not currently doing so, but the good news is that you should still be able to continue just fine; the cave is to the top right of the screen.