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Backer Exclusives are one-time code?

Forgive me if it has already been asked but can i use the codes for Exclusive Portraits and Chaoseater only one time?
I upgraded to a physical Nintendo Switch version but I would like to play on Steam in the meanwhile, will I be allowed to use the codes on the Switch too in the future?

Thank you in advance.

Your codes will work for you on both platforms.

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Nothing happens on PS4 (EU) when I enter the codes under extras for the Manual, Chaoseater and Explorer Pack. Am I doing something wrong?

Did you download the patch?

Yeah, it’s version 1.01. After entering the codes in like this “xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx” and confirming, the screen stays transparently black and nothing happens. “press o for back” is seen but I can navigate between credits and extras either way.

Sorry about that!

Could you try exiting the game completely and restarting it, and see if that works?

Sorry to hop in here, but i just redeemed my codes in game and they worked. My questions is, if I start a new game will the explorers pack, etc be available on each play through? Thanks! :hugs:

It worked after restarting. The whole game was borked in the first start up. At the iron outpost endboss I had a pink screen instead of the video and after I’ve finished the boss, the game crashed. Now everything runs smoothly.

Edit: Another Code didn’t work after leaving the game and going into the main menu. All codes didn’t work this way. Only after going into extras right after booting the game up.

It should be available for all your save files :slight_smile:

Thanks Airship-Steve! BTW I see your one of the animators…LOVE the animation and models, awesome job, they are gorgeous! :hugs:


Thanks! :slight_smile: Hope you’re enjoying the game!

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I was about to ask this question myself; I tried redeeming my Kickstarter codes, but nothing happened. I got the transparent black screen followed by “Press O to back” when I booted up my PS4 version.

I’ll try it again and see if I have better luck.

UPDATE: Yep, closing the game and restarting it helped solve the problem. Thanks for the goodies, guys!

So, I redeemed my KS Extras once, but started a new game for my live stream, but I can’t get the items again, even after re-entering the codes.
Are they for one savegame only? And if so, what will happen, if i delete it? :hushed:

they should work for all your saves. (i think you need to put the code in once per save slot but the same code should work)

After restarting and re-entering the codes for like 4 times, I finally got them in the inventory :confused: