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Backer Exclusive Combat Portraits?

I was just looking back at the KS campaign to remember what all the stretch goals and whatnot were.

I saw one that was curious - the “backer-exclusive combat portraits” - I don’t think I’ve seen much around about this, but how will we find those/use them?

Also, how will weapon skins work, assuming Chaoseater isn’t the only one? I have the available alternate costumes in the beta, and it’s simply a matter of pressing Y at party select to change full character skins, but will Chaoseater be a Garrison skin in that it’s Garrison with Chaoseater in his normal attire, or is it different and I can use Brass Demur Garrison with Chaoseater?

They could do it in a variety of ways. Either create a specific cd-key appid package that contains the game and KS specific bonuses. Since they’re distributing all KS keys via their portal, they can do that. Or make a separate ‘dlc-like’ package with a key for that specifcally, and a separate key for the game.

Here’s some instructions on how to redeem your KS backer exclusive rewards. the alternate portraits are a bit ‘odd’ to activate.

sadly the portraits are kinda lame. the first 3 are ok but the rest is just mehh

This is probably a stupid question but I activated the code for the combat portraits and still can figure out how / where to change them in-game… Can someone tells me how to switch from one version to another?
Thank you!

I would like to know this too. I applied the code but couldn’t notice a difference…

You have to go into the options while IN GAME.

Do not do it in the main menu. The option doesn’t exist if you’re in the main menu.


Thank you! Found it!
… It’s kind of a secret :wink: