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Backer Digital Rewards Release Checklist

Now that the backer rewards have started getting released, I thought it might be a good idea to keep a checklist of the digital goodies that are still to come. Maybe @strangelove or @AirshipSupport can clue us in on when the remaining goodies will be arriving? I will be sure to keep this post updated as the extras are released.

RELEASED - Digital copy of Battle Chasers: Nightwar

RELEASED - Explorer’s Item Pack (in-game item)

RELEASED - Backer-exclusive combat portraits (in-game item)

RELEASED - Backer-exclusive CHAOSEATER weapon skin (in-game item)

RELEASED - Deluxe digital instruction manual (in-game item)

RELEASED - Ultra-HD digital world map

RELEASED - Digital edition of the Nightwar art book

Digital compendium of Nightwar design notes and BTS info

RELEASED - Digital copy of the Nightwar OST

Extended Nightwar OST including roughs and B-sides

RELEASED - Exclusive wallpaper set

RELEASED - Forum badges

IN PROGRESS - Name in the Hall of Backers

One thing that I would like to ask is in relation to the “Deluxe digital instruction manual”. Is there any way that we can get the manual in a PDF format? I was unaware that this was going to be an in-game item when the KS campaign was originally going on. I would much rather be able to read/view this outside of the game as, for me, there seems little point to reading it in-game when I could just be…you know…playing the game.


Maybe other people can confirm this, but I believe the Digital Soundtrack and Digital Artbook have only been released for the backers that have it included in their tier that they pledged at. I got the soundtrack as an add-on and it has not shown up in my account page yet. If anyone at Airship can back that up, I’d appreciate it. Reached out both on here and through emailing support but I have not received an answer either way.

Also, the Hall of Backers list is still somewhat incomplete, from what I’m seeing at least.

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Thanks for sharing that info, @venomspire! I hope someone at Airship can provide some clarification.

I don’t receive worldmap HD…

Also you can do a PDF if you capture the screenshots of the manual and then you convert the images to PDF and combine all archivers in one PDF.

Would anyone here be willing to tell me if the Ultra-HD digital map has a code like the manual or is it automatically implimented or something?

According to the rewards I should have a code for it, but I haven’t recieved anything in my backers portal for a map. Currently my map looks like this:

I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, should make a new thread about this, or just be patient. Thanks for any help!


Also “Digital copy of the Nightwar OST” is not the same as the DLC on Steam.

On Steam, we got WAV format (lossless) and on only in MP3 256 kbps. So the DLC version has a better quality than the Kickstarter backer one :frowning:


I noticed that too, a little disappointing.

Well, it would appear that the backer forum badges have been released, so I have updated the status of that reward item. Still hoping to get some clarification from someone at Airship on the remaining items. @strangelove, @Airship-Steve, @AirshipAndy, @AirshipSupport - Where are you guys? :disappointed_relieved:

It’s been a few weeks now. Any updates on the remaining digital goodies?


I’m wondering too. I’ve seen a lot of folks bringing up the digital map, so it’s got to be on their radar. I can’t imagine the digital rewards being that hard to get together and distribute. I could be wrong though.

So, it appears that the HD World Map has finally been released! It is accessible on your Backer account on the website along with all the previously released digital goodies. @strangelove also mentioned in another thread that the Extended OST should be released this week:

This means that the only thing that will still be left to release is the Digital Compendium. However, while we’re on the subject of pending backer rewards:

@strangelove has their been any consideration given to making the Deluxe Instruction Manual available outside of the game as a PDF?

The thing I’m most annoyed about waiting for is the Digital Compendium. I know it takes time, but an update on it would be nice since it’s not like they have to worry about shipping.

Glad to see a new post from @strangelove regarding rewards. Hey, Ryan! Would you be able to address the status of the Digital Compendium, the Extended OST and the possibility of getting the Deluxe Manual as a PDF? Thanks in advance!

I still have never gotten a code for the digital artbook. I had it as an addon. What gives guys? It’s been months since the game was released.

Any status on the Extended OST?

@strangelove Any updates on the remaining digital items (Design Notes, Extended SDTK)?
Any possibility of the manual in PDF format?

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Ok, just now started pulling my codes for the game, OST, and so on…
(yes, I realize I’m behind -_-:wink:

During the campaign there was mention of BC #10 in sketch form, and that it was available to the Complete Nightwar Digital Editon…

I didn’t see any linkage to such in the codes section here at

We’re how many months in with no update on when these are coming? Devs, we realise you’re busy, but get your shit together and at least let people know what the status update is on what you owe people.

I cant find where i can download the Artbook… I had it as an Addon
anyone with this same issue?

You should find it in the “Inventory and codes” on

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