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Backer Codes - Bonus?

I know all backers were supposed to get a digital code for the game. Did the physical upgrade (ignoring the bonus code) replace the digital code we were initially going to get? Or were physical upgrades supposed to get 2 digital codes, one being the normal and one being the bonus? When I upgraded to the physical Switch edition, it said I would get the physical and a Steam key. The most recent email said physical upgrades would get a bonus key.

Any insight?

Curious about this as well, been looking for my extra key from the physical upgrade. Any info appreciated!

I messaged support a while back an this is what I got as a response:

“Yes, you’ll get the extra Steam key for the physical upgrade you’ve chosen.”

So it sounds like if you had the PS4 upgrade, we should be getting a Digital PS4 Key, and 2 Steam Keys.

I only see an option for one code redemption though. Does it let me choose again after I chose my first time?

Yes, I noticed this as well… I may need to reply to that support again.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Everyone gets a base digital key. If you upgrade to the physical copy, instead of only giving you one physical copy of the game, you also get the base key with that physical copy (thus the extra digital code).

The digital code selection you have in your inventory is that extra key. Instead of not giving you access to that and just giving you the physical copy, we’ve left that key in there as an extra for you.

The reply I got in the email. So physical upgrades only get 1 digital and then the physical.

Ouch, thought we were getting 2 digital when upgrading to physical, hence the term ‘extra’. But I guess they just mean extra key in general, not extra digital.

Yeah, me too. I was excited when the email came through. A bit misleading with the wording. “Physical copy + Steam key” and then saying physical upgrades got a “bonus” key. To be fair though, I’m just happy it’s finally here!