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Attack Power versus Damage and another bug

See image below. There’s a sword for sale that massively increases my damage (I’m assuming it’s called) but its Atk Pwr is zero. What does that mean?

Looks like it may mean “Bonus Damage,” which is in the currently equipped sword’s description. I think this is just a continuity error on the part of Coast Iron Broadsword, as other items in the shop also said “Bonus Dmg” instead of “Atk Pwr.”

I can’t create any more posts today (what?) so just in case anyone reads this, I have another bug:

In the sewer below town, every time I start a battle, the “Strong Start” buff bubble is always present and on top, even if I try to toggle it with LT. Happens from fight to fight. Did not occur outside the sewer.

Was your mouse active by any chance (accidentally bumping it maybe?)

Thats correct. I should be Bonus Damage. Thanks!

I suppose it’s possible, but it’s all the way over on the desk and I’m lounging back with the controller, so…maybe.

It did eventually stop, but I’m not sure what made it stop. I will try wiggling the mouse to see if I can recreate it.