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Attack Locked After Character Death or Stealth Enemy Revealed

I’ve come across this bug twice today… They may seem different but I think it happens because of the same reason. The first time the bug happened my Garrison was going to die on his turn from Burns, Bleeding and Poison. What wound up happening was that he died when his turn came up but I still had the battle menu remain open even after his death and I think it was because my other 2 characters had just been stunned. I think something is missing in the code to decide what happens when a character becomes incapacitated while other characters are unavailable. I wish I would have gotten a screen shot but it fixed itself once my next character’s turn came up after enduring their stunned turn. But it was basically showing me all the options to attack, defend, secondary skills and such but couldn’t activate any of them since the character was dead and the others were incapacitated.

The second occurrence happened to the enemy team. I entered a fight with an Unstable Bomber and a Stealthed Lycelot Shadow Blade. I focused on the unstable bomber first and he did his random trigger sequence where he blows himself up and hurts his allies in the process. But when my next character’s turn came up, even when the enemy had been revealed I still couldn’t attack him. I think it was because the game was still considering that the enemy was stealthed… Check the image below.

Thanks for the report, @Omni_Games; we’ll look into this.