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Aspect Ratio Additions


one of the proud and lucky “Crazy Early Backers” here. I love the game and recently got a fancy new Windows Tablet PC. Eager to try the game away from home i found out that the game lacks support for the 3:2 Aspect Ratio of the tablet, causing various issues with the look of the game, black bars etc.

Would it be possible to get a few of those resolutions? 2160 x 1440 and a few lower ones like 1920 × 1280,
1440 × 960, 1280 × 854, 1152 × 768 maybe.

Thank you in advance for the consideration.



Could you post screenshots of the game on your 3:2 tablet? In the worldmap, in a dungeon, the ui, and combat?

We don’t have a device with that aspect ratio here. I’m curious how the game looks.

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Hi, thanks for the quick response!

I made some screenshots runing the game at 1920x1080. The black bars are the main “issue”, there are some other resolutions that cut off part of the the UI, but well, those can be avoided. has the screenshots.

If you want me to attach instead i can do that instead.

The black bars are finger thick each, top and bottom.

Thanks again.


1920x1080 is the primary resolution we test at, and is a 16:9 aspect ratio.

I think what’s happening is at 1920x1080 your tablet is applying that letterboxing to fit the 3:2 aspect ratio of the screen. Otherwise it would have to crop the image, or stretch it. Does that make sense?

Yes, i understand. Would it be possible to have a few 3:2 options added that would extend the world map, dungeon and combat to full screen? Possibly keeping the possition of the UI elements where they are currently, basically showing a little more up top and bottom? I guess the lack of available 3:2 screens makes testing and working on such an options rather… hard.

Hey, Nuwisha,

We do support 3:2. If a resolution isn’t appearing in your resolution selector, that means your graphics card is not showing that as a supported resolution. On our end, we just request the available resolutions from a graphics API and display them.

This is probably something related to your graphics card configuration. I’d try Googling to see if other people have found workarounds for your particular tablet, perhaps in specific games using Unity engine.

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Hmmmm interesting the Tablet uses the m5-6Y54 CPU with Intel HD Graphics 515 (which runs pretty decent with the game all things considered). Thank you for the information i will see if i can find another solution and apologies if i caused and additional work! if i find a “fix” for the Huawei Matebook i will post it here in case others have similar issues.


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