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Arena not awarding rewards

Similar to other reported issues.

I did arena at 6x and after Garrison died early on to RNG I paused and Quit to Menu.

When the game reloaded I was at the arena entrance. I started 6x again. The arena completed after the midway boss, but I still got the full compliment of 824~ tokens as if I had completed both phases.

The reward list at that point indicated I had received rewards that were not in my inventory.

Thinking it related to a glitch I attempted the arena again and successfully completed both phases. I once again received the full compliment of tokens for both sections, ~824 tokens, received my experience, but still did not receive any of the rewards.

Looking at Seewen’s post it seems that one resolution might be to attempt on a higher difficulty to increase your token amount to the next reward tier, and then maybe that rewards all back items. Maybe.

But even if that’s the case I’d really prefer to not wait another 4 levels to attempt the next higher tier to get Garrison’s rank 3 Burst (the reason I was doing it in the first place).

The bigger problem would be if this were to occur to someone at the final level of the arena. If the “fix” I’m proposing based on Seewen’s post does work, then a person who gets bugged at that final level will have no recourse for resolution, since there are no higher reward tiers that might trigger them receiving rewards they should have previously received.

Thanks in advance for looking into this! I hope these notes help.

We have a fix incoming for this! It was a bug, and any unique items you were not awarded will be given to you once the fix is in. Thanks for the report! :slight_smile: