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Are the Kickstarter rewards consumable and/or should I redeem them right away?

Items in the Explorer pack include potions? Are those consumable? How exactly do the items in the pack affect game balance? What about the Chaoseater? Are these items something I should redeem from the jump or should I use them later on a second run? Do they like… reduce a slight amount of grind or are they like unlocking an infinite rocket launcher? And can they be toggled on/off, or at least used in one Save file but choose not to use in another?

They are for the start of the game, redeem them!

Stuff like the Explorer Items pack becomes available to you immediately (you get a chest to open in your Consumables section of your item inventory), but the Chaoseater reward just gives you the crafting recipe for the weapon. If/when you craft it, it’s to you if you want to equip it or not.

The good thing about the Chaoseater is it gives you a pretty forgiving recipe for three different levels of the game, but it’s a shame it’s not viable at end game. I’m not asking for it to be legendary status but it’s a shame it’s got no extra umpf to warrant keeping it around.