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Anyone found Gully and Calibretto's ultimate weapons yet?

They’re the only 2 that are eluding me. Wracking my brain to see what I missed. Anyone have a good clue? Specifically the Dragon Scales and the Salvaged Behemoth cannon.

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I can’t find the Dragon Scales for Gully’s weapon as well. I think it may have something to do with this “Shade of Belveros” enemy that has a very rare chance of appearing in the iron outpost? Link here

The Salvaged Behemoth Cannon can be found from a “random” encounter with the Sky Pirate Airship. I’m not sure if there’s a specific condition to trigger it, but it appears over Junktown/Siege Coast area.

Yes, you get the scale from killing Belevros

thanks (here are some more characters so I can say that)

Where do you get the other characters’ ultimate weapons? Just asking for future reference.

Ah, thanks, I thought that might be the case. Does he only show up in the Iron Outpost? I haven’t run into him yet (I think, hes not in my bestiary).

He(seams that its a SHE after all) very very very rarely shows at the Iron Outpost and asks that you release him from a casket. If you want a full bestiary then you must refuse him and then he will fight you at his lower strength(at the beginning of the game that is a little strong). Then you have to find him again…:sob: so you can free him.
He will then appear randomly at Deadwatch. He will ask you to die…and join his undead army. If you refuse you will fight him(He is a Lich, and is pretty strong against level 16 characters). When you win you will get the Dragon Scales .
Didn’t try to join him…I wonder what will happen…:sweat_smile::grimacing::skull_and_crossbones:

What a hideously tedious quest :frowning: Fighting all these level 3 monsters throwing themselves to their doom is so boring.

You got that right, wanted to hang myself until I found him lol

Lol, I hope I didn’t mess that up the first time I ran through Iron Outpost (I know it’s a low appearance rate, but my first time through Iron Outpost was so long ago…)

I’m on run #10 through Iron Outpost, :sweat_smile: guess I just gotta keep going. Thanks


does he appear in a certtain room?

It will look like this(Its sometimes only a small part of a room so you have to check all the rooms entirely…)

I’m only missing parts for monika’s weapon, didn’t get any part from the first or second playtrough… anyone got tips ?

If you read the lore entries from the cathedral, there are hints there for each person’s ultimate weapons


I think the lore entry for Gully’s weapon is mistaken, though. It lists the dragonskin as being ‘somewhere far north, under lock and key,’ but I found the dragon heart phylactery in the chest all the way to the north in the Deep Snows. Meanwhile the Shade of Belveros drops the Dragon Scale, but I think he’s supposed to drop the phylactery.

The next patch has a fix for that. The item descriptions/names were flipped! Sorry about that

I thought about it just after posting, the lore is well written and I was like, I should reread the whole thing ! thx !

Most of them are easily enough found if you have a keen eye and are a bit completionist, but Gully’s is a monster. I am glad to upgrade the starting weapons too. It felt weird all the time in the comic spent gearing up only to almost immediately replace these priceless artifacts, haha.

We have a change in the works that will make the room in the Iron Outpost you’re referring to generate more frequently.

Great to hear. i feel that there has been a lot of comments (myself included) that make this feel more of a chore than a fun secret. This next patch seems like it’s going to fix/balance a lot of things. Any idea when that might be coming? In any case thanks for the continuing hard work.