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Any way to cancel physical upgrade?

I figured the game would’ve shipped by now so I used my digital key for steam and thought I would wait a day or two for the disc. But now the weekend is almost here and still no word of shipping (and shipping to EU is probably going to take a few days as well). I’d rather just pick up a copy from my local store so I can play this weekend (yes I could play on pc but ps4 is my main system and I don’t want to start over).

I totally regret upgrading and would love a refund. I’m already playing the digital version. So, there is no point in getting a physical copy now. It’s pretty useless to me.

Also, my thread asking about the shipping has been completely ignored by any devs. So, that’s disheartening.

How they went from “it MAY not arrive on release day, but we’ll do our best” to not even having shipped them is beyond me.