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Any news on the new comics?

Just wondering, the announcement of the game and kickstarter was accompanied by news of new issues of Battle Chasers finally coming out alongside the game. Have there been any updates on this?


no official announcement that I’ve seen… I assume Joe and co are pretty busy with pre-release promotion right now.

It was one of the reasons I backed the game. I’d love to hear something about it.


Considering how long it’s been since they were out I figure I can wait a bit longer for the next issue :smiley:

One of the reasons I Kickstarted this was the idea of getting back to the comic after all these years. The whole Cliffhanger! launch was amazing and I’ve loved Madureira/Campbell/Ramos since. Hope to hear news on this soon.


Same here, especially as we start playing, I hope the comics will be released soon to fill the story gap.

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Would be nice if someone from Airship or Joe, told us something about them though, just saying, I know i will enjoy the game :slight_smile:

I can’t give a source because I don’t remember where I read it (I’m almost certain it was in the very early posts in this forum, but it could have been on steam as well), but the developers were asked this question already and said that Joe is working on the new issues but they have taken a back seat to the efforts of finishing the game. In any case, Airship is a game developer and isn’t involved in the comic. It’s just Joe, so I’m not sure if people on this forum would be able to help you very much.

I was just thinking about this the other day. Any news?