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Another Crash Thread (PS4)

I am really loathe to do this since I love this game so much but I wanted to say something since I’ve never had a crash set me back this far.

I am playing on the latest build without a single crash (until now). I was near the end of a rather long session that included multiple dungeons and parties. My last dungeon was Deadwatch where both the pre and post boss cutscenes pink screened. I then traveled to Harm’s Way to sell my artifacts and on to the Fishmonger to sell my fish. On my way to the Fishmonger, I ran into my first sky pirate attack. When the battle ended, I didn’t even make it to the EXP reward screen when I crashed. I logged back in to find myself back at Deadwatch with my completion (as this was the last time the game auto-saved). I didn’t check my Bestiary, but it appeared that all proof of my battle was gone. I went back to try and re-trigger the fight to no avail.

I hope this was a fluke and won’t happen again. Either way, it won’t stop me from playing this wonderful game :):heart_eyes:

I had this exact issue today, except I had just killed the behemoth and lost all loot from that fight.