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Ancient War Golem Accesory Upgrade Not Working?

I’ve come across the Ancient War Golem upgrade workstation in The Mana Rifts several times but I’ve never gotten the Accesory Upgrade option to work. I’ve been able to upgrade armors but not 1 accesory. I just get a blank option screen when I try. Can the Devs chime in on this?

Hi there!

Did you have any accessory rare or less in your inventory?

It might be:

  1. You have 0 accessory in your inventory or equipped
  2. You only have max rarity accessories, so you can’t upgrade them anymore
  3. It’s a UI bug, you can select an accessory from an empty box maybe, did you try it?
  4. It’s a real bug

Personally, I can upgrade accessories and armors, so maybe a bad luck for this one :frowning:

I hope it will works again for you soon!

We’ll take a look at this, thanks Omni! You wouldn’t happen to already have all epic accessories would you?

Yeah I have Purple Epic accessories but I thought I could take them past that to Legendary like I was able to do with my Armors… I’ve tried unequipping them and trying but if Accesories are not supposed to go as high as Legendary then is a bit confusing why armors can… Was expecting consistency and you know when you’re maxing out your builds in any RPG you expect to be able to get the ultimate gear on all slots by putting in the time. This is how my team is looking right now.


We’re looking into it, but you would not be able to upgrade an accessory to legendary in any case.

Ok well I guess just armors for now then, thanks for clarifying.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to get all oranges in NG+ :slight_smile:

Yeah @Hakan I’m looking forward to NG+ but I’m going to wait for the next patch before I start playing it. I will stream NG+ on twitch from beginning to end. So I’m hyped!

Ha, you’re running the same I am. :smiley:
Got a question of my own, though:
How were you able to get three Pulsing Demon Hearts? I thought it is a one-time drop from the ancient treasure elemental? And where did you get the Abyssal Loop?
(Sorry if these aren’t topic-related, but I’m very curious :slightly_smiling_face: )

I know the problem and the solution to that is simple

just scroll up or down

been there done that :rofl:

Well on the topic of the 3x Pulsing Demon Hearts I found a way to exploit the Ancient Treasure Fiend which would allow me to get infinite iterations of the necklace but I shared the exploit with the Devs and they’re going to fix it for the next patch so I don’t think they want me sharing it since it won’t be around for long. The Abyssal Loop I believe I got it off a battle from a world map monster near The Mana Rifts, or possibly off a treasure map from the dungeon. I honestly forgot, stat wise is pretty strong but it doesnt give more Att Pwr than the other lvl 27 rings you can find in the Mana Rifts or the ones you can craft, so you’re fine, it just gives more Phys Def and Magic Def stats than those. But like the Devs just teased here, apparently in NG+ after the next patch you’ll be able to find orange legendaries for all types of gear.


Heh, I figured there was something fishy going on. :wink:
Thanks for the heads-up, though! :slight_smile:

Hehe I know how to do this but I won’t tell either.

It’s obvious really.

It was to me as well hehe