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Ancient Vampire Fang

Seems to be almost impossible to collect this.
More than 4 hours trying and nothing: Crimson Gardem almost killed me of boredom.
Stuff like this (essential for side quests) should not be random: it’s ruinning the game (which is already veeeeery repetitive)
I have almost 80h of game, but I think only about 50% is acctually a decent gameplay: the rest are repetitive task in loop to sum like ‘gameplay’ hours for the game and sell it like something bigger.

Very frustrating and annoying.

I’ve just killed an ancient ghoul in this game, and dropped “1 epic parts”.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Game designers should be fired. Really.

Nice game world, nice history… But gameplay is terrible.

I understand that it can be frustrating.
It has been some time now that I have finished the game but I remember trying achieving the same.
After some time not getting the “Ancient Vampire Fang” I checked the list of the monsters and found that the “Mana Devourer” in the “Mana Rifts” or “The Deep Snows” was dropping that “Ancient Vampire Fang”… and this is the only item he is dropping.
So I focused on that monster and… I got that fang in no time.

So eventually, what could have been very useful to see in the game IMO is the “%” of drop of each item.