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Amiibos...please, please, pretty please

If you made a couple of 3-pack amiibos of the characters I’d buy 'em day one. Thanks for the amazing games (including Darksiders).

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I was just thinking this the other day. I don’t know what the process is to get amiibos for a game, but damn, I’d love some Battle Chasers amiibo.

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oh man. a mini bretto. i want it.

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Oh if there were Amiibos… I’d go broke!

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This idea blew my mind! I’d love to have them all in amiibo form!


Granted, I play on PS4… but having these figs as amiibos would just be icing on the cake. Not to mention they would look good next to my completed Zelda collection.

They would go awesomely together! We got a glimpse of that in that image they shared with Link and Monika :grin:

I approve this very much!! ^^

I would get them as well.

I don’t even have an Nintendo outside of my SNES, and I’d still shell out for Amiibos. Especially for a 'Bretto and Garrison.

That would be super cool indeed! :grinning: