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Alumon's place?

I’m having a bit of trouble with how to utilize Alumon and who goes with him very well. I know Gully is a must have since her reliability to tank is superior to Alumon and Monika in every way so that roll is there. As a damage dealer he’s ok from what I’ve seen and he looks like a better healer then anyone else but Calibretto and even Knolan seem to offer better support options. To get the most out of Alumon I feel like I need to have high crit but sadly at the end game, you’re main source of crit will come from perks since you lose out on any spikes in crit due to over leveling where it was.

So how are you guys using him and which 2 others are powerful combos with him?

I used Alumon, Calibretto, and Garrison from Darkwatch until the end of the game. Garrison’s Warblade II demolishes bosses and heavy hitters with a full load of overcharge. Additionally, I use the blade hone skill to increase his crit chance so I have seen damage over 35k in a single hit.

For Alumon, I have the skill where additional heals are better per OC used which makes his Sanguine Embrace recover massive hitpoints. I will usually use Sanguine Embrace on round 3 no matter what to pull the damage shield. If you have Cali’s Cleansing Rain on or other healing buffs on, it’s possible to never take real damage in a fight after round 3. Garrison deals a ton of damage with bleeds, bleeds on crits, and warblade. Having both Al and Cali also provide me with 2 revives in case things go south really fast.

Cali is mainly for hero maintenance, extra healing, and to apply sunder. You can also toss in an Innervating Mist to build OC faster on Al and Gar. I usually like to gut punch for sunder, mist, and then use Wild Fire II (the one that applies 2% sunder per hit) just for good measure. My fights rarely last longer than 4 rounds.

My current build out is this
Monika - Evasion Tank
Alumon - Heals
Knolan - Fire Mage

This setup has worked pretty awesome for me. Get the “heal on crit” from Alumon and that synergizes really well with bloodboil, and use the big heal/shields when you know a big hit is coming up. Monika with Distracting 2 and building around evade mitigates a lot of damage. Knolan just throws out lots of fire, mostly spamming his free fire dot for single target, or throwing out firestorm for AoE.