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Alt. Costume Talk (lots of images)

The new designs are AMAZING but I have to ask, Is there chance of getting 150% true to comics based costumes for the characters in the future? I see there are already alt. for the characters I feel like this should be a thing, I would hope some might agree. Obviously, some of Monika’s official fanservice pinups would be awesome to but they gotta be to “size”. (Ok, they don’t have to be to size but still would be awesome.) Drunken Garrison needs to happen, also the Gully pig tails.

P.S - I tried putting the images in a spoiler, and it didn’t seem to function.

Some images of original designs (Monika images at the bottom for reasons):





Monika (actual comic costumes):

Monika (pinups):

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I actually am quite happy with all of the ones in the game so far - each one being a pretty solid alternative to the default, making for a nice change of pace.

Also some of them are just rock solid references, like Garrison as Brass Demur and Gully’s Calibretto get-up.

I’m quite anxious to see Alumon’s - I’d love another throwback to a BC character who can’t appear in Nightwar.

I wouldn’t put it past Airship to give us more of them though - cosmetics are a lot of fun in these kinds of games and I imagine with the actual main game done, they’d be a nice change of pace and easier to complete for the art staff too.

here ya go

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