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After Tonight's Hotfix Can No Longer Bypass Lesser Enemy Battle To Collect Materials

I noticed we had a hotfix tonight so I jumped in the game to see what was changed. Since there wasn’t a detailed list of things done this patch I had to go in and explore. Although the Vessel of Glorious War Bug is still haunting my account I noticed a few quality of life tweaks like the world map teleporters location list. But like I mentioned above now there’s a new bug, you can no longer hit “2” to bypass a lower lvl fight when a monster in the world map is standing on top of a material supply. Here’s a screenshot.

This is actually in the patch notes. We have to fight mobs to get loot now.

Interesting I guess I didn’t notice the patch notes when the patch came out, this decision feels like a step back, we don’t gain anything from going into a battle where we 1-shot every mob just to be able to collect materials we prob don’t even use anymore… Honestly they’re more for selling at this point…