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Achivement bug on Xbox

I have an issue with “Big Game Hunter” achievement on Xbox One. I have ,of course, completed all the bestiary and relatives knowledge for every creature but still not achievement popping.
It’s my last achievement to 100% this game, so please solve this problem.

Hello kastro92, have you also found all the “drops” and “beast perks” for all creatures?

what do you mean for “drops”? Yes, all perks unlocked.

The items dropped by the monsters.
I think no “???” should remain in order to unlock the achievement.

Hey guys! This is a known bug, and we’re working on a fix.

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Finally, that’s what i wanted to hear. Any idea on fix release date?

No official dates I can announce, unfortunately, but our current PC patch is available on the Experimental branch, meaning good news for console patches coming soon!

Fine. So I just have to wait. Thanks.

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