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Absolutely love this game and have to share!

In the last five years it seemed nearly impossible for a game to completely grab me, like they used to in my teens and early twenties. But this game did just that, I was instantly hooked, obsessed and completely loving it!

Since Final Fantasy VII and Heroes of Might and Magic II, I have been a huge fan of turn-based combat and am always disappointed when a FF comes out without turn-based combat, which will probably never happen again.
So when I read, turn-based combat, saw the trailer and some screenshots I was very intrigued.

Besides it being the perfect combat system for me, I really like the characters and their little dialogues. Perfectly written if you ask me.
The world map is also getting an A+ from me, as do the dungeons and the little puzzles in them. It just plays away perfectly.

This week I finished NG+ (sadly) and completed all achievements, which just had to be done with this game.
For a while I was calling this game the perfect game, with a 10 out of 10 score, but it has been reduced slightly to a 9,5 due to it being to easy, especially later on in the game. On NG+ I did the first 6 dungeons on Mythical mode with the game stating it would be Impossible, sadly that wasn’t the case. And while I was not grinding or farming on NG+, I still leveled to fast for the last two Dungeons to be any challenge at all. Hopefully one day Airship will make a NG++ on ridiculousmode so I can give this game a 10 out of 10 score!

What I am hoping for even more, is that there will be DLC/expansions and/or more Battle Chasers games!
What a superb game this is people, please try it out if you haven’t yet! (it’s only 30 euro’s, wow)


Here’s to some DLC soon, hopefully letting us kill Veris, and a full story Battle Chasers game that begins with the comics and goes beyond them (keeping Alumon somehow in the mix).


$*@&!! DLC ready for another entire expansion :slight_smile: Art style, the game mechanics, everything is top shelf.

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