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Ability vanity system suggestion

Been so hyped for Battle Chasers, love the universe, art and characters, especially Alumon. Played through the beta hoping I’d get to try Alumon out, but that’ll have to wait until the full release. I then looked up some vids of him and was a bit dissapointed that all his attacks seem to be darkness based, was hoping he was a light based character who would rain down holy retribution on the denizens of darkness.

So my suggestion is this, and I know it’s probably too late in development, but would it be possible to change a character’s skills aesthetically? Like how you change a character model to a different skin, the skills would work exactly the same, only look and be named differently. When using the “light ability skin” for Alumon for example, his basic attack abilities would then be changed to something like holy whip, blessed covenant and light wall and would maybe be whitish or golden in color.

Not sure if this would even be possible to implement, or if you guys at Airship Syndicate would even like the idea, but had to give it a shot. Who knows maybe it could be used as an idea for dlc or something down the line.