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A small problem with (Big game hunter) trophy

Hello there .

I am a very big fan of your game (battle chasers : nightwar) . I bought the game about 2 weeks ago , and I was so fascinated by it that i just said to myself (I have to get the Platinum trophy for this game) .

So here I will explain my situation to you , it will be long so please bare with me :

I have the PS4 version of your game , my whole playthrough was in version 1.02 .
I got all trophies in my first playthrough , and was making my way through the bestiary trophy (big game Hunter) . My last entry to the bestiary was C’drall (the final boss in case I wrote the name wrong) . As I defeated him/or her (I don’t know anymore) I got a trophy (Queen of the north)(nice GOT reference by the way) but I didn’t get the big game Hunter trophy . And as the credits were rolling the game crashed , I restarted the game and saw that the new game + was available now ,I clicked on continue and was sent back in front of the castle in which you fight the final boss , I immediately checked the bestiary and it was full (153/153) but still didn’t get the trophy.

I tried beating the final boss again , getting beaten by him/her , and fighting small monsters but nothing worked.

Is there anything I can try to get the trophy ? I only need this trophy and the new game + ones to get the Platinum .
I would really appreciate your help , I am very sorry for this long explanation and please forgive my language mistakes .
Thank you , from your big fan A.T.K

(i have sent this explanation to your email and have been told to make a post here so it would be easier for the technical support to help)

Simply encountering every type of foe doesn’t complete the challenge, you have to face multiples of the “regular” enemies to unlock all their information like reward drops, spell names and beast perks. Go through your bestiary 1 by 1 and find out which enemies you need to focus on.