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A question about Xbox One X support

Hi guys, I love the look of your game and can’t wait to play it but I am holding out for an Xbox One X patch (or even PS4 Pro, I have both) before I jump in as I want to enjoy the experience at its best.

Any idea when this kind of update might happen? Any info much appreciated, thanks.

Am I to assume this just isn’t happening? Should I just give up on this game?

22 days and no reply I guess they just don’t need my money which I suppose is fair enough.

Solid question. Airship is busy finalizing the switch version of the game (which has recently been approved by Nintendo so a release date should be revealed in the coming weeks) and working on the patch for xbox and ps4 version. I don’t believe there’s been any talk of having Xbox One X or PS4 Pro updates to the game (I could be wrong). Also, with the game being a classic JRPG/dungeon crawler I really don’t think you’d see anything spectacular in graphics upgrades for those systems (HDR, etc).

If you haven’t jumped in yet I wouldn’t wait for an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro version. I’ve played it on my Xbox One S on a 4K tv and it looks and plays great.

(I don’t work for Airship, just a fan)

Hi Madjoy thanks for the post. A patch for Pro and X was definitely alluded to by Airship and I know they are working on the Switch version and busy with other things but a quick 5 second post to give me a yes or no to this would have been appreciated.

I know I am a drop in the ocean to these people but I am reluctant to spend money with a company that completely ignores people on their own official forum. I’ll get the game at some point maybe when I notice it in a sale somewhere down the line and I take your point it’s not the kind of game that needs 4K etc but my enthusiasm has dropped considerably.

The PS4 and XBox One consoles should get their patch before or at the same time the Switch version is released. We don’t have an exact time table, but it is something we are actively working on. The development, testing, and approval process is different for every platform.

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