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50 hours of Beta, this is my feedback

Overall, I’m super happy with how the game looks, feels and sounds. so here are my Pros and Cons shortlist:


  • Combat feels amazing, qhen attacks land they feel great and heavy like they should;
  • Visually the game is beautiful, and while I agree with most people that the art style is amazing, I have to give some mad propr to whomever animated this game;
  • Overcharge makes combat fun and interactive instead of just using normal attacks to save mana for the harder fights;
  • Even if just a beta, there was already plenty to keep me busy;
  • Crfafting is actually useful in this game! I love it how you can grind mats to craft rare or epic quality items;
  • great composition variety thanks to the different characters and perk choices;
  • Small little things like the treasure maps, backtracking? (thinking about the gate with only 1 eye), the little puzzles and NPC interactions (like those 2 merchants that wanted eachother dead) are all a + in my book.


  • Dungeons feel great when going through the first time, but they feel like a drag if you are farming them, way too slow;
  • The puzzles are fun, but get repetitive. Specially since they never change (like the one with the 4 stones in the dig… It’s allways first option followed by second option);
  • Not much loot variation (might change later on), and was hoping that gear would have different stat values (kind of like diablo does it) to keep me farming the gear I want with the stats I want;
  • 2 BIG difficulty spikes at least for me. First the Slime in the sewers (had no idea it was a hunt) and second in the dig;
  • It seems like some character interactions (not cutscenes) are not voice acted while others are;
  • Exclamation marks on the map confuse me… when I pick up a chest from the room, the icon is gone from the map, bot some icons don’t.

Encountered Bugs:

  • The spider boss in the dig sometimes spawns twice;
  • Could clip through the first door in the iron outpost without opening it,
  • In the overworld, sometimes the character gets a little of the “rails” but its quickly pulled back in (except one time where I was able to run into the ocean);
  • Enchanting stats decrease over time;
  • Burst bars reset to 0 when you leave the game;
  • The vessel quest in the dig wont complete… and I cant discard the vessel I have to try it again;
  • In junktown, some stairs seem to have a very narrow path to go through;
  • In some rare situations menus won’t work;
  • Sometimes I could interact with objects through a wall.

With all that said, I still had 50 hours of fun, and cannot wait for the full release on the 3rd.