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3dsmax animation rig

i saw this in one of the movies art any plans to share postmortem or tutorial for money how you actually setup model in this level in max. I’m ready to pay for it :slight_smile:

Oh, man! There are so many things in that photo that are making me drool (21:9 monitor being one of them). That keyboard looks familiar, too.

I hope that some of this stuff shows up in the coffee table book.

Bumping this. I’d love to see some behind the scenes footage of their animation process in 3DS Max. The animation in this game, along with everything else, is smooth and seamless, and looks fantastic.

Ditto :smiley:
Though more of a Maya user than 3DS Max I would still love to see footage of their process in modeling, texturing, rigging, animating and setting models and assets in the game software