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1rst return on BETA

Hello world

About battlechaser beta :

In French speack the keyborad do not switch in game to azerty, still in qwerty. Better the change are make in soft than keyboard.

Still in french version basic skill attack text from mecha have ?/color in the end

I play on 21/9 screen, it work fine but two thing are disturbing.

1 - the most importante to me : when caractere speak and edge of 16:9 screen it’s hard cut in picture. if you draw them in complete it will be great to have acces in 21/9

2 - in battlefield combat mode, same about border. mayby if to much work to up the map black melted to the battlefield will less disturbed.

Good feeling in game :slight_smile: - the only things i have thinking at start we have leader capacity only healing are explain. maybe put an exemple of other capacity in trip to the village. but it was cool. just reflexion

thank you to forgive my bad english

New text bug.

In french report quest log when we get mana stone after kill mana elemental. to quick to get screen capture but the message was unreadable .

Same return quest : when we meet alumon 1rst time.

hi text alert will not diseaper. i m lvl 10 finish the teleport manastone and magical werewolf

First donjon heroic mode : i open the gate get a battle in chest area after the battle the door close and i’m stuck .