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18 hours in...and this is what I got to say

I basically never play games for more than 30 minutes anymore. Nothing grabs me but due to my love for the Battlechasers comic/characters, my love for the art in this game (OMG SO GOOD!) and generally everything so far about the game…I’ve basically been hooked since Wednesday. I don’t even have THAT much to give feedback on, just tiny little things that I see could be improved in order of importance (eg. tiny to maybe not worth even looking at!)…such as:

  • I feel that comparing inventory items could be easier to read. At the moment I’m finding it a little tricky to do so at a glance. I think having ALL elements up to compare, like it does in the items page in the inventory section rather than how it works in the character selection screen would be better. eg. have dashes for elements that have no change, and +/- like it does on elements that do change. Also showing what each element it currently has would be good too…
  • The overworld map needs an icon for where you are, and probably where you are going…or key locations that apply to current quests. I can figure it out after a while of course, but time is money yo!
  • Some of the enemies have REALLY strong attacks that can hit every character…I found that as I was playing ‘around my level’ I still had some battles where I was destroyed by those in one or two hits. Makes it difficult to balance spells and healings and revivals when everyone is actually dead.
  • Icons in battle summaries seem too small, as if they were meant for the inventory, but they are being used in the battle summary as temporary images until larger ones can be used.
  • I think you should be able to reel in the fishing line at any time, not only when a fish has been caught. It would add a little more gameplay in there rather than hit a button and wait. If a fish crosses within the line space, you can reel it back in for that…I would actually put the ability to reel it in at any time, and take out the automatic disappearance of the line. Moving the line could maybe attract fish from a greater distance too as if it were a bug on the water moving?
  • slime dripping from slime related environments in the battle screen seem more like glitches rather than actual slime. It’s too thin and too quick to look like actual slime. It took me a few close watches to realise it wasn’t actually a weird glitch.
  • There is a spelling mistake in the first time you talk to…oh, what’s his name…the new guy who will join you party you have to get the stone for. It’s a REALLY obvious spelling mistake, so I thought it stood out. I’m sure there’s others but that was a key word, rather than generic vocab/grammar.
  • I’m not so good at the small bugs…simply cos I was too impressed by the music and visuals.

And things I’m REALLY loving :

  • The art. I mean…the ART! Since the first exploration area loaded I was in love. Can’t wait to see the rest of the game. If anything the price of entry was worth that (and I got the physical art book version). Kudos for such an amazing job.
  • The music. Every release over the course of development has been amazing, and the game itself keeps the quality right up there. Congrats on such an awesome job there.
  • Character in Characters. Each character seems to play into the characters I know so well from the comics. The voice acting is pretty great (although I felt Knolan would be a little more gravely than clean, and Calibretto would be deeper…but I finally know what Hmmmmzzt was meant to sound like!) but the animations in particular are spot on as is the spells. Knolans basic spell with the arcane baseball hit (you’d think I would have memorised all the spells by now) I do all the time just to WATCH it!
  • Did I say I love the art? I really like the art.
  • Basically everything else so far too to be honest.

I CAN NOT WAIT for the full game release. I’ll be playing and replaying everything I can in the game to max out all of the things. I also can not wait for the physical rewards, but I’m sure the beta and game will keep me more than amused until they arrive :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work guys! You’ve done a MARVELOUS job with this.


Thank you so much for all your feedback, @discmage :slight_smile: We’re looking into some of it as we speak! We can’t promise everyone all the things they’d like to see will make it in, but we’ll try to address the things we see are the most pressing issues that really affect people’s ability to have fun.

Thanks again!

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Yeah I noticed this too… Party level 10-11 ish and I tried to fight the level 12 slime boss in the sewers under the inn. I got destroyed because he keeps spamming the aoe boulder that is hitting the whole party for massive damage and also poisons them all. So I went to contine questing and beat the boss down the mine which was way higher level. Eventually leveled some and got to a party level 12-13 range. Went back in the sewers and got whiped again.

I actually think that the enemies are a little on the weak side. I understand what you mean, the Earth Elementals have a nasty AOE, but I found that using Gully’s Salvation (the skill that gives everyone a shield, might’ve gotten the name wrong) and Calibreto’s Nature’s **** (spell that heals you everytime you get hit) help a lot here.
This is not to tell you how to play the game, just saying that there are easy ways to get around the harder fights that I’ve found so far.
Also, don’t want to spoil the Slime fight with strats unless you want me to), but I was also able to find a good way to kill it with a party of level 12s so I don’t think it needs balancing since it needs to have this epic fight feeling imo.
Loving the game so far!

Yeah, but that fight specifically was meant to be hard, it is a Hunt. I went into that fight not knowing it was a Hunt, as a level 10, and I was completely dominated by the AoE. Once I discovered it was a Hunt, I more adequately prepared for it and he was no big deal at level 12. I actually never had a party member drop below 60% health once I knew what he was going to do and was ready to fight a Hunt. My issue with the situation you mentioned wasn’t the difficulty, but the lack of knowing it was a Hunt. Let us know we are walking into a Hunt area. Hunts are obviously meant to be hard challenges, but I wouldn’t be surprised is the Fire Lord and the Slime boss in the servers wracked up a huge player body count since people probably didn’t know they were Hunts until AFTER they died the first time.

I never said it was a bad thing to have challenging bosses. It’s just a little inconsistent on the level range I think. It’s a lot harder compared to the other level 12 and above mobs and boss in the mine dungeon. And as you said it’s very squad depending. My party didn’t have Gully because I swapped her out to try Red Monika.

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I’ve barely had time to play, but this also hit me right away. I can’t imagine Joe designing something massive like a War Golem to sound like C-3P0. In fact, I thought everyone could go a few octaves lower, but perhaps that’s from playing Darksiders where everyone was spot-on. Even Monika could be a little huskier for someone with her… lung capacity. :wink: But at the same time I feel bad for nit-picking about this issue on an otherwise stellar accomplishment. :+1:

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100000000000% agree this game is ALREADY in my top 5 lifetime best rpgs and its not even out yet im loving the beta >:smiley:

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Finished the beta story part, too. I felt surprisingly at home since it’s basically based on JRPG formula with American comic material, which is good for a change. Like the game system, story and characters don’t feel new or even pretend to be radical but the presentation is great. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m very happy with the game in general. It feels a shame that we should be critical when it comes to feedbacks.

The general art direction (including voice acting, which makes me want full voice-acting while I understand the budget) constantly makes me remember one of the devs is a professional cartoonist – while definitely not as high density compared with today’s AAA standard (again, I understand the budget) art direction is consistent except probably the cut-scenes. As a side note, Garrison really looks like the protagonist of Berserk especially in the second level Burst icon.

That said, practically speaking, even good drawings can make me wonder what is actually drawn at times. I often fell on traps simply because I couldn’t make what they were till they were activated (some must be intentional since the lighting is deliberately low) or find containers (wonder if there is a key to highlight interactive objects). There are even times I wonder around simply because I couldn’t see an opening. While hand-drawn materials are definitely a charm in this game, it is quite surprising to see how often it can become obstacles when we are exploring in such environment. Maps can help but, especially when there are annexed areas and elevators, they can be very confusing.

Movement speed - Yeah, I guess I’m spoiled by Pillars of Eternity, which has movement speed adjustment.

As for the party management, I have a question. If some players choose not to change the party while some others try to keep their level equally, wouldn’t it make the game difficulty different? Personally, I think it would be better if the experience point is shared within the party to keep everybody intact, for both players and the devs in terms of convenience and game-balancing. Again, I suspect that this would be where the optional content such as dungeon revisiting, hunting, and Colosseum fighting are supposed to fit in.

It’s a tas too slow yes… They can’t make the movement speed too fast though. It would be too easy to dodge all the traps in the dungeons. And it would make Garrisons dash to avoid traps useless.

I think globally they could speed them all up (movement, traps and dash). It would still make the dash relevant. Unfortunately that would require another sweep for bugs and playing the whole game with the QA testers, and I am not sure this will make it into release. Perhaps in a later patch?

I think globally they could speed them all up (movement, traps and dash). It would still make the dash relevant. Unfortunately that would require another sweep for bugs and playing the whole game with the QA testers, and I am not sure this will make it into release. Perhaps in a later patch?

Perhaps an unlimited dash (similar to garrison) by all parties but it doesn’t ignore anything? It just scoots around dungeons faster, although you are right in regards to making it easier to avoid traps.

Still, the traps don’t add that much to the game for me personally, but slow running certainly detracts from it… Especially in dungeons I’m redoing or running back from the town to continue through.

Maybe a sprint ability that can be used for short times (stamina) or when a dungeon area is cleared.