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140 hours in - a few suggestions!

Few things ive thought of while playing, nothing bad actually, just things id love to see added! Kind of a wishlist really… Lol.

Model Viewer - a press of R3 on the character menu would just make the menu disappear so we can view the character and weapons without anything in the way.

Engaging Enemies from behind or being attacked from the back gets a first strike bonus to the attacker. So if we get snuck up on by stealth enemies… They get to attack first. (Or we attack first if we sneak on them)

Photo Mode (even barebones that just hides GUI/HUD) i take mad screenshots on ps4… Its a beautiful game, and id love to hide the hud when running around the dungeons and explorable areas.

Storage Chest in town (pointless maybe, but i like keeping some armor and weapons, and selling others, storing my favorites would free up inventory clutter.

Mark items as sellable (like in diablo3, id love to mark the junk items as sellable and then mass sell to the vendors.

More Skins (special event skins, legendary armor skins)

Change Controlled character on overworld… I wanna switch main character on overworld too instead of just in dungeons.

All of Alumons Icons (this one is a nitpick) since hes new to the game… I understand there was no comic art to use for his abilities and skills menu… But i would have LOVED to see Joe do new art for all his icons rather than just using the 3d model in various poses.

I wish Red Monika didn’t use that Kiss Animation for so many things. It’s a little over the top.